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Keep the Home

I am Probate Lawyer in Albuquerque who cares about his clients. Don't risk losing the home. We can help you through the Probate process. And we at Sise Law Firm were selected by as the “2022’s Best Probate Law Firm in Albuquerque New Mexico”. Call us today!

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Avoid the Court

Don’t worry about the paperwork, the process, the deadlines, or the court.Our probate attorneys take care of all of that for you and we’ve designed our service to make this as stress free as possible.We are at your Sevice.


No Time? No Problem.

Probate is tedious, so we do all the heavy lifting. We prepare the documents, tell you specifically what to do at each stage, and file all the paperwork to make your job as easy as possible.We save your Time.

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Everything you need to know about probate, including how to get letters, if you need probate, and more.

How to transfer Property to a Non-Family member

Hi everyone, As Estate Planning Attorney, this question comes up a lot. So I wanted to address that today. when two people own one property together, they are called “joint tenants.” If you want the property to go to the person you own it with when you die..

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WHY CHOOSE US? (Ryan is a Former Prosecutor & Schoolteacher).

real estate attorneys albuquerque
real estate attorneys albuquerque
real estate attorneys albuquerque






Top Probate Lawyer in Albuquerque


Sise Law Firm, VOTED "The Best Probate Attorney in Albuquerque"

The Majority  of my clients want to know what happens to their Family member’s home after they die, and What type of lawyer do they need? Should you hire Albuquerque real estate lawyers or just any real estate attorney, and the answer is… NO, none of them. Those are the wrong types of lawyers to hire after a family member dies. You need to hire a Probate Lawyer. 

The SISE Law firm is located in Albuquerque, but we serve all of New Mexico.  We have current clients in Santa Fe, Moutainaire, Roswell, Las Cruces, Clovis and other towns across the State of New Mexico.

Ask any Estate lawyer Albuquerque and they will tell you that losing a love one is hard, and even worse, we never learned in school what happens to a love one’s stuff when they die… You are not alone, there is a lot of questions,  and you can easily feel lost. But I am here to help. 

You must know in New Mexico Probate, all of your family members assets must go through the Probate process if it was not in a protected trust or if the entire estate is worth than 50,000 dollars. Some exceptions do apply.     

real estate attorneys albuquerque
Experienced Albuquerque Probate Lawyer Serving the Albuquerque area and Beyond.

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